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  1. Picture of Ben Brawn Graphing and Polynomials

    Graphing straight lines, polynomials, transformations of graphs, fundamental theorem of algebra, factor theorem, remainder theorem, division of polynomials. Graphing exponentials, logarithms, semi-circles, circles, hyperbolas, etc

    42 questions and 6 exams Default licence: CC BY-NC-SA Owner: Ben Brawn
  2. Picture of Christian Lawson-Perfect Maths Support Wiki

    Content for the Maths Support Wiki

    0 questions and 47 exams Default licence: CC BY Owner: Christian Lawson-Perfect
  3. CHY1205

    CHY1205: Introductory Physical Chemistry (18/19)

  4. Picture of Michael Proudman C&G 2850 (Level 2) Engineering

    Work done for L2 Engineering Students.

    Basic Maths, Physics and Materials.

    Assessed by on-line GOLA test.

    40 questions and 1 exam Default licence: CC BY-NC-ND Owner: Michael Proudman
  5. Picture of Ben Brawn Nursing and Midwifery Enabling course

    Question written specifically for the enabling course on nursing and midwifery. They also use more straight forward maths questions that are not in this project.

    35 questions and 5 exams Default licence: CC BY-NC-SA Owner: Ben Brawn