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  • Picture of Newcastle University Mathematics and Statistics Content created by Newcastle University

    This project contains copies of questions created for Newcastle University's courses, mainly the Mathematics and Statistics degree.

  • MANE3190

    Database of questions for MANE3190 quizzes and assignments

  • Picture of Newcastle University Mathematics and Statistics Transition to university

    Material created by students working with the School of Mathematics, Statistics & Physics E-Learning Unit at Newcastle University over the summer of 2017, to support students making the transition from school to university.

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  • Give an example of (vectors 1)

    Question by Antony Edwards and 1 other
    The matrix entry part in this question marks any symmetric matrix as correct, using a custom marking algorithm. A matrix is symmetric if it is equal to its transpose.
  • Recursive JS function

    This shows how to implement a recursive function in JavaScript with a nested function definition.

  • Tick box for "this is impossible"

    The student is asked to write a number with a certain property, or tick a box labelled "this is impossible" if it can't be done.

    A custom marking algorithm on the gap-fill part first checks if the student ticked the box. If they did, their answer is marked correct if it really is impossible. If they didn't tick it, their number is checked against the required property.

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