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  1. Picture of Newcastle University Mathematics and Statistics Content created by Newcastle University

    This project contains copies of questions created for Newcastle University's courses, mainly the Mathematics and Statistics degree.

  2. Picture of Newcastle University Mathematics and Statistics Transition to university

    Material created by students working with the School of Mathematics, Statistics & Physics E-Learning Unit at Newcastle University over the summer of 2017, to support students making the transition from school to university.

  3. Picture of Christian Lawson-Perfect How-tos

    Demonstrations of how to achieve certain things, or good question-writing techniques.

    104 questions and 4 exams Default licence: CC BY Owner: Christian Lawson-Perfect
  4. Picture of William Haynes Engineering Statics

    Engineering Statics Homework Problems.  Problems have dynamic Geogebra diagrams and use the quantities extension.

    84 questions and 0 exams Default licence: CC BY-NC Owner: William Haynes
  5. Picture of Ben Brawn pre-algebra Numeracy and Arithmetic

    Questions that don't require or use algebra, e.g. long division, order of operations, negative numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratios, rates, scientific notation, units, non-algebraic indices.

    66 questions and 10 exams Default licence: CC BY-NC-SA Owner: Ben Brawn