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  1. A-Level Chemistry (AQA ,OCR ,Edexcel ,CIE and CCEA)

    Project for the development of resources for use by AS and A Level students of Chemistry.

  2. Picture of Ben Brawn Algebra

    Standard high school algebra questions. Using symbols for unknown quantities, expressions involving such symbols, factors, solving equations, inequalties, indices, binomial products, solving quadratic equations, simultaneous equations

    54 questions and 10 exams Default licence: CC BY-NC-SA Owner: Ben Brawn
  3. Picture of Philip Walker Analysis

    Questions involving limits, theorems from analysis and the like.

    1 question and 0 exams Default licence: CC BY-NC-SA Owner: Philip Walker
  4. Picture of Michael Proudman Analytical Methods: LO1 - Algebraic

    Work done to assist HNC Engineering module

  5. Picture of Michael Proudman C&G 2850 (Level 2) Engineering

    Work done for L2 Engineering Students.

    Basic Maths, Physics and Materials.

    Assessed by on-line GOLA test.

    40 questions and 1 exam Default licence: CC BY-NC-ND Owner: Michael Proudman