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The student is shown two radio choices: "Yes" and "No". One of them is correct.

List of numbers

The answer is a comma-separated list of numbers.

The list is marked correct if each number occurs the same number of times as in the expected answer, and no extra numbers are present.

You can optionally treat the answer as a set, so the number of occurrences doesn't matter, only whether each number is included or not.

Give a numerical input for an expression

The student gives a point $x$ at which to evaluate a given function $f$. The answer is correct if $f(x)$ is the expected value.

Number entry modulo

The student's answer should be equivalent to the expected answer modulo the base set by the question author.

Quantity with units

The student enters a quantity with units.

True or False

The student must write T or True for 'true', or F or False for 'false'. (Case doesn't matter)

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